Infant Community

The Infant Community introduces children (1½ - 3 years) to social life beyond the family. It is a place where they experience their first structured contact with other children. The children will learn to work together in everyday activities of life; building their independence, psychomotor development and language in the process. It also prepares the child for entry into the Casa.

The curriculum is organised into four main areas:

The nurturing environment would be like a home shrunk to the size of a very young child. Entry into the Casa will be given once the child is ready.

Casa (3 – 6 Years)

Around the age of 3, children from the Infant Community move into the Casa.

Here, children are supported to think and do for themselves. Children can choose freely from Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture activities where skill and challenge are closely matched. This promotes concentration, absorption of knowledge and further self construction.

Children in the Casa have an internal drive to find out about the world, their time and place, to make sense of it and make it their own. Our environment allows them to do just that. Globes, landforms, maps and collections of pictures of life and much more, enable them to appreciate the larger context of their world.

The curriculum is organised into the five Areas of Learning

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