Montessori Childrenʼs House is for conscious, mindful parents who believe in their childʼs innate wisdom and want to provide a healthy foundation for their childʼs unique potential to shine through.


“My two younger children went to Montessori Childrenʼs House at the ages of 3 and 4; they are now teenagers. MCH has a welcoming vibe where teachers are passionate about honouring the Montessori philosophy while being very caring and gentle towards the children. It is a holistic place to learn and play where art and culture are integrated into the curriculum. I believe the curiosity, love of learning and exploration sparked at MCH are extremely valauble life skills that the children take into their formal school years that will later help them succeed in the future. I do not hesitate to recommend friends to MCH.”

“As a mum, the right school for my kids is one where there is free play, child-led initiatives, age-appropriate activities and a deep understanding of the childrenʼs developmental stages. One of the most important factors is the heartware – truly caring teachers who nurture a childʼs inner being – as they interact with the children the most. I value the heartwarming and enduring bonds the children and teachers share at Montessori Childrenʼs House. My kids have long graduated but they still love going back whenever they can to visit the teachers and the school. Even though Montessori Childrenʼs House prepares my kids with a solid foundation for counting and writing, what I cherish most are the life skills and precious memories my kids have gained.”